F*ck art, let’s talk sports.

Last night just before the opening of The Osara Show at Target Gallery (in which the gallery shows what happens when you serve artists Tomoo Gokita, Jim O’Rourke, Masayuki Shioda and Peter Sutherland soba noodles, get them drunk and then give them plates to paint on), I was sitting on a plastic chair in the alley, drinking a small tin of Asahi with a colleague. We were just chit chatting when a sporty wheelchair started to make it’s way up the slight incline backwards. As it came even with us, the slender occupant, attired in a bright orange jersey, black cap and neat goatee, shouted in Japanese belligerently, “I just got back from South Africa!” while barreling on by.

So fuck it, let’s talk sports. The name is changing to Contemporary Sports in Japan, with full coverage of sports in Japan, all the time, every post. Let’s start with two guys who got the worst case of World Cup 2010 fever known in Japan. They even wrote a book about it. But I think they are just in it for the girls.


One response to “F*ck art, let’s talk sports.

  1. Nice work. Thank you, Mr. Eubank.

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